Master Drilling Europe's Shaft Support Robot for remote shortcreting

A Breakthrough in Shaft Lining

Our Shaft Support Robot transforms shaft lining, providing a higher level of safety, effectiveness, and ease of use.

At the core of our innovation is the ability to perform remote shotcreting on shaft walls, all without the need for personnel to be inside the shaft. With this approach, potential risks and hazards associated with traditional methods are eliminated, ensuring a safe working environment.

Each step of our streamlined method contributes to its overall success:

Mobilisation and demobilisation:

Using standard containers, we ensure a seamless setup and teardown process.

Equipment commissioning and setup:

Our state-of-the-art equipment, such as our Shotcrete Robot, Winch is expertly prepared for every job.

Shaft scan:

Using our versatile Lidar scanning technology, we inspect the shaft before starting work, gaining a detailed understanding of its condition.

Shaft lining:

Guided by our expert operators, our Shaft Support Robot sprays wet shotcrete onto the shaft walls remotely at the desired thickness.


We maintain all equipment to ensure it remains in good working condition.

Shaft scan:

After the shaft lining works is completed we once again use our Lidar technology to confirm that the shortcrete mix is applied successfully and compare it with the original shaft.

Decommission and dismantle:

After the work is completed, our experienced team efficiently dismantles the machinery and clears the site.

Advantages of our methodology

We took on multiple ventilation shafts from 2022 to 2023, adding to our portfolio, experience, and track record.