Box Hole Boring

Predominantly utilised to create ventilation tunnels, slot raises, through passes and tunnels used to extract ore. The most effective method to use when there is limited space to make a safe hole between two levels.

Box Hole Boring

This mode of drilling is conducted underground from the bottom upward to create access. Master Drilling currently has the largest fleet of box hole drilling machines in the world.


Holes are drilled from the bottom up to the intersection of the ore body.

This is then used as a transfer pass for dropping material from the reef / ore horizon downwards where it can be collected and transported; or as a ventilation shaft to the mining location. 


Drilled upwards, no typical holing point is required.

Personnel are not required to enter the excavation; enhancing safety.

Safer, faster and a lower cost alternative to Alimak excavation.

Drill rods feature a unique non-rotating stabiliser design.