Blind Shaft Boring

Ability to bore a shaft blindly as opposed to sinking methodology. Quicker, safer and more cost effective than conventional methods. Entails the use of a raise boring machine, reverse circulation modified rods, a down reamer, and mud circulation and compressor systems for air lift, flooded hole concepts. This system also helps improve mine production and logistics.

Blind Shaft Boring

BSBS is a mechanised alternative for conventional drill and blast shaft
sinking. The system can facilitate access, and establish ventilation shafts
of up to 9.5m in diameter and up to 1 500m deep in hard-rock applications
where no bottom hole access exists.


Shaft boring is used for construction of access or ventilation shafts for the mining industry.

In urban infrastructure used for access and ventilation shafts to metro tunnels & parking.

In the energy sector it is used for surge, ventilation, access and pressure shafts.


No explosives required

Ensures for a continuous production process 

Fewer personnel required to work in shaft during construction

A safer, faster, more flexible method of accessing underground ore bodies

Advances up to 6m per day, whilst simultaneously supporting the shaft; improving mine production and logistics

Allows for simultaneous mine level break-away development