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This site policy describes how we process personal data through the use of cookies on our website If you have any questions about how we handle the cookie information, you are of course welcome to contact us.

When you visit our website you will be asked to approve the use of cookies. By using the checkbox “Yes, I agree to your use of cookies”, you consent to the use of cookies and the processing of your personal data as set out in this website policy. If you do not want to allow our use of cookies, you can check the box “No, I do not accept your use of cookies”. Please note that if you do not allow us to use cookies, this may affect your user experience of the site.


Our website uses cookies to collect information automatically. A cookie is a small text file that the browser saves on the visitor’s computer. The text file contains information that is used, for example, to facilitate the visitor’s use of the website but also to provide some information to the owner of the website.

What types of cookies do we use?

We use two types of cookies: 1) a long-lasting cookie that remains on the visitor’s computer for a specified period of time. 2) a session cookie that is temporarily stored in the computer’s memory while a visitor is on a web page. Session cookies disappear when you close your browser.

What do we use cookies for?

When visiting our website, an automatic registration of the IP address for measuring the frequency of visits is done. We store web statistics to ensure the technical functionality and use of the network. We also use the statistics to gain an insight into the web visitors’ user experiences and to develop the website. We also use web statistics to improve our services and awareness of the needs of our customers and web visitors. The data is used to develop the service and services within the framework of our business.

We also collect and analyze, among other things, the following information about the visitors to our site:

– Browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.)
– Information about the type of device from which visitors are joining
– Operating system (Windows, IOS, etc.)
– Visited pages
– Long-lasting cookies are used to store your possible personal settings so that, for example, you do not have to make certain choices each time you visit our website and to customize and make information as relevant as possible to you. Session cookies are used, among other things, to record statistics on the use of the website.

How to block and / or delete cookies

By using our website you are informed about the treatment of cookies as stated here. If you do not accept cookies being used, you can turn cookies off in your browser’s security settings. Please note that if you do not allow us to use cookies, this may affect your use and experience of the site.

If you use different devices to view and access the site (such as your computer, smartphone or tablet), you must make sure that the browser on each device is adjusted to your cookie preferences.

You can also set your browser so that you get a query every time our site tries to place a cookie on your computer. The browser can also delete previously stored cookies, see the browser’s help pages for more information. Furthermore, you can manually delete cookies from your hard drive at any time.

If you do not want to allow our use of cookies at all, you can check the box “No, I do not accept your use of cookies”. Please note that if you choose not to allow cookies to be stored, you may not be able to use all parts of the site and some parts of the site may not work properly.

More information

If you have any questions about this site policy, please contact us at

If you are dissatisfied with how we process your personal data, you have the right to report such dissatisfaction to the Data Inspectorate (which will be renamed the Integrity Protection Authority), which is the supervisory authority for the personal data processing.

Changes to site policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this site policy at any time to the extent that the changes are necessary to address disruptions or to meet new legal or technical requirements.

All changes to this site policy will be posted on our site.