Europe’s leading provider of vertical shafts

Master Drilling Europe, a subsidiary of the Master Drilling Group, is the leading vertical shaft boring service provider in Europe. Our company, formally known as Bergteamet Raiseboring Europe, was acquired by Master Drilling in 2015 and recently changed our company name and branding.

Our team have more than 40 years’ experience and successfully executed projects in more than 50 countries. GLOBAL MASTERS IN INNOVATIVE, CUTTING-EDGE DRILLING SOLUTIONS supporting our clients’ unique needs with our specialised in-house equipment design, manufacturing, training, and maintenance capabilities. 

Why Master Drilling Europe?

  • Safety is our priority. We ensure a safe working environment for all stakeholders and deliver safe, cost effective and on time drilling projects for our clients.
  • Client satisfaction is important to us, and we work closely with our customers to ensure safe and efficient drilling activities to meet our clients’ expectations.
  • Our innovative technology and the expertise of our employees from diverse backgrounds, provide us with a completive edge.
  • We pride ourselves as a diverse workforce and promote gender equality.
  • Together with our Holding company and subsidiaries, we are the largest Raise Bore drilling company in the world and no contractor has more experience than us. So, if you need help, “bring in the masters”
About us 1

Master drilling Europe

A Master Drilling Group Ltd Company

Master Drilling is a global drilling technology solutions driven company; focused on delivering a fully mechanised range of services to the mining, infrastructure and energy sectors. We partner with our clients during every project touchpoint – from the exploration phase to the production and capital stages.


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